LinkedIn Woopsie with the Outlook 2010 Social Media Connector



linkedin-logoI have always used the LinkedIn toolbar for Outlook to sort out, upload and sync my contacts. Because of this I have over 2000 contacts in my contacts list that I sync with my phone, Plaxo, live, Google and others.

Updates 28th April 2010

  • LinkedIn customer services solved the problem within a few hours of my initial response.

I got a surprise the other day when my LinkedIn account was suspended and I was unable to login.

Figure: Bad, account suspended


So I contacted LinkedIn customer services to find out what the problem is, and here is the response:

Dear Martin,

We have recently noticed a large number of page searches and profile views through your LinkedIn account. We are aware that you may be using an automated or manual process to systematically view LinkedIn web pages.
The information within LinkedIn is provided by our users for usage on the site only. In order to protect user privacy, our User Agreement prohibits using:
1. Automated or manual means to view an excessively high number of profiles or mini-profiles.
2. Automated means to run searches to collect or store data obtained from our site.
We have placed a restriction on your account until you agree to stop using these or similar methods to view pages on LinkedIn.
We look forward to your reply to discuss this further.

LinkedIn Privacy Team

It looks like LinkedIn has suspended my account because of something that their component is doing! I do not know if this is an isolated case, or if it will happen more as more users get on Outlook 2010 and update to the new software, but watch out.

Has anyone else been suspended who has installed the Office 2010 RTM and the LinkedIn Add-On?

It only tool another hour after I explained where I thought the problem was for LinkedIn support to solve the problem Smile

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your response and patience with respect to this issue.
The restriction has been lifted from your account. Please know that together we can maintain an outstanding website for all of our members.
Thank you for being a valued member of our LinkedIn community!


Credit to LinkedIn for solving it quickly..


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