LinkedIn Woopsie with the Outlook 2010 Social Media Connector

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I have always used the LinkedIn toolbar for Outlook to sort out, upload and sync my contacts. Because of this I have over 2000 contacts in my contacts list that I sync with my phone, Plaxo, live, Google and others. Updates 28th April 2010 LinkedIn customer services solved the problem within a few hours of […]

Why I miss Orange and why Vodafone suck!

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<rant> I am currently in Sydney Australia attending some training and meeting my boss for the first time. I was having a fantastic time until my wife phoned to let me know that Vodafone had called to say that the bill was over some limit and that they would be cutting my phone off if […]

Unlikely bloggers…

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I always like to see people for whom it is traditionally unlikely to blog to start contributing to that big knowledgebase in the either that is the blogosphere. I would like to call attention to Eric McCarthy who started blogging today and call out to all other helpdesk Hero’s to join the fray… Technorati Tags: […]

A problem with Diarist 2!

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{Rant} I think that it would be good to remove the drop down to select your blog from the main blog writing page. I tapped it by mistake when I was trying to select a piece of text and lost my whole post… Only 10 minutes of time, but an entire train of thought! {Rant} […]

OutSync with proxy servers

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If like me you want to try the rather groovy sync tool for Outlook that syncs your contacts (and pictures ) with your outlook contacts, which will then be displayed on your mobile phone, and you are behind a proxy server, then this info is for you… NOTE: This will work for any .NET application […]

SharePoint Solutions Rant

<Rant> There needs to be a way to easily build MOSS Solutions in Visual Studio. I know that there are a bunch of bits and pieces available form Microsoft and third parties, but I want an end to end solution.   You should be able to create a SharePoint “Solution” in Visual Studio. Then Add […]

The SharePoint Plan: Database move headache mitigation

SharePoint requires SQL Server. That’s a given, but what if you want to move the SQL Server databases to another server? TFS is easy enough to move between servers, but SharePoint is NOT. The only answer I can find is to do a full backup and restore from SharePoint, which takes time and effort. The […]

Naming your servers in an enterprise environment

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This is an issue of contention in many companies, but I am firmly of the belief that server names should be at least consistent and at most should be able impart a large amount of information at a glance. Information should include: Where the server is What operating system it is running wither it is […]

Team Foundation Server SharePoint Integration

Why is there not more integration found in Team Foundation Server “out-of-the-box” with SharePoint 2007. It seams obvious to me that you would want to show your Work Items in SharePoint and integrate SharePoint Workflow into Team Foundation Server. It only make sense to be able to initially create a SharePoint Work item that is a […]

Amusing job requirements

I recently received a job spec that had the most ridiculous “Required” skill set for an “Analyst Programmer”. I though I should share it with you as I have just spent the last 10 minutes cleaning tea out of my keyboard with cotton bud’s. Here is how it was presented in the email: * C# […]