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Just recently I have been doing a lot of work in Release Management 2013 and noticed the lack of documentation. I have done a number of installs and documented them is posts like Installing Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013 and Installing Release Management Server for TFS 2013 however there is always things that don’t quite join up. I often have to head off an fix problems or get support as part of my posts an while I almost always blog those issues there is no joined up experience.


Have you seen how easy it is to install Release Management 2013 and configure a full release management suite with Visual Studio 2013? See Martin install and configure the new Visual Studio 2013 Release Management Server, Client, and Deployment Agent all in under 10 minutes. Get going in minutes with a fully fledged release management tool

  • Release Management Server for Team Foundation Server 2013
  • Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft Deployment Agent 2013

Have you been using Release Management in Visual Studio 2013? How have you been getting on?

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