Could not find mappings for all states defined in ‘Test Suit’ work item type

After upgrading to TFS 2013.3 you get some reports of errors in MTM from your users. Specifically they get a “Could not find mappings for all states defined in ‘Test Suit’ work item type” error when connecting. I have also seen “TF400860: TestManagement: Version 19, MinVersion: 19” in some cases in the web access.

Merge Team Projects into one in TFS

In TFS 2012 the product team introduced the concept of Teams into TFS. Before this many organisations created multiple Team Projects and now want to merge Team Projects into one, or at least fewer. There are many reasons you might have done this in the past but there is no reason to live with this.

How to delete work items from TFS or VSO

Have you ever created a bunch of work items that you decided later that you had to delete. Well I have… especially as a user of the TFS Integration Platform. […]

Import Excel data into TFS with History

Have you ever tried to push data into TFS with Excel? I have, and it can often be the opposite of sweetness and light. The idea is to import data into TFS with Excel with history.

Should I upgrade to TFS 2013 Update 2?

With the launch at Build of Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2 I wanted to make sure that the update goes seamlessly. So I am upgrading my demo box to […]