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Why is Johanna a great teacher for the Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials course?

Power of Passion

One of the things that immediately stands out about Johanna’s approach to the Professional Agile Leadership class is her unbridled passion. I’ve heard her say, more than once, that this is her favourite class to teach.  📌

And trust me, it isn’t just words. You feel it. I share that enthusiasm, too.

As I’ve always observed, the questions are so interesting that this zest makes her sessions dynamic and engaging.

Perfect Audience and the Art of Engagement

But it’s not just about the instructor.

It’s also about the audience.  🌍

It’s a unique joy to realise that the type of people that come to the agile leadership class is predominantly the type Johanna and I, as consultants, often engage with inside organisations.

These attendees are decision-makers, strategists, and visionaries. Their diverse experiences and curiosity lead to discussions that are just so much fun.

Rich Experience with the Agile Vanguard

Beyond her palpable enthusiasm lies Johanna’s vast reservoir of experience. She’s been on the frontline, engaging with organisations at various levels, trying to help them understand agile practices, lean, and all the flavours.  🚀

Her skill in having intricate conversations with leadership, managers, and those holding pivotal positions gives her a unique edge.

The Ripple Effect of Conversations

The essence of our work in agility often lies in its ripple effect.  🔄

As I’ve always believed, when Johanna or I engage in transformative conversations, convincing somebody in a leadership position to move towards agility means helping many.

Johanna thrives on this.

Seeing a transformation in motion, grasping the changing dynamics, and understanding its more significant implications is where she draws her passion.

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