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Why I love heirarchies of competence

Why I love heirarchies of competence

Competence-Based Hierarchies

Competence-based hierarchies are undeniably compelling and draw my respect and admiration. What makes these hierarchies stand out for me is their foundation, which is built not on control or directives but on recognised competence and the abilities of individuals contributing to the work. 💪

Deferring to Competence

In such setups, it feels natural, even instinctive, to defer to those individuals who have demonstrated their expertise in a given space.

Their knowledge and the value they bring to the table influence our decisions and actions. They’ve proven they can enrich our understanding, thus making them the go-to resource for insights.

Holistic Perspective

Importantly, these competency-based colleagues often possess a more holistic view of the problem at hand. They can weigh all the different facets of the problem at hand, allowing them to make well-informed, effective decisions. Their broad perspective, coupled with their proven expertise, makes them invaluable within their respective fields. 🚀

Embracing competence-based hierarchies is about recognising expertise, not authority. It’s about deferring to knowledge, not power.

It’s a refreshing and empowering approach to leadership and decision-making that I genuinely love and respect! 🙌

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