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Why are you going the immersive training route?

Why are you going the immersive training route?

Enhancing Training Efficiency & Effectiveness

In this article, I’m sharing my journey of refining training methods, aspiring to create a conducive learning environment for individual and organisational growth and why the immersive training route is preferred.

I  want my students to emerge confident that they can make positive changes within their organisation, and I’ve found that an immersive training route helps them to do this.

Here’s a little more information for those unfamiliar with the term.  Immersive training is a hands-on, practical approach that provides deep, interactive learning experiences for a more effective knowledge grasp. 💡

And I’d like to share with you how I shifted my focus from solely relying on tools to developing and implementing effective practices. 🎯

So, let’s get started, and I’ll tell you a few secrets to why we are going the immersive training route.

Agile Learning 🌱

I ventured into the training realm, intending to resolve the struggles I observed within individuals and organisations.  Within organisations, blame inevitably gets passed back and forth when things go wrong.  It became clear to me that an innovative approach was required.

Initially, I started incorporating DevOps to streamline operations and boost the value delivery flow.  As DevOps helps ‘grease’ the wheels, so to speak, in automation.

I quickly figured out that it wasn’t the tools making the most significant difference in helping people – it was the adoption of various practices that truly mattered.  This realisation led me organically towards a more immersive training route. 🛠️

Double-Loop Learning

The next logical progression was to use double-loop learning, involving a change in actions and the assumptions behind these actions, which proved instrumental from a trainer’s perspective.  It allowed me to identify that traditional training outcomes might not optimally foster knowledge retention and how to use this knowledge in the practical world. 🔄

So, I recognised that part of that need was to modify the learning process, commencing with a flipped learning experience and gradually progressing towards more effective learning formats.

Many trainers are experimenting with different learning formats to develop the most effective learning format for people.  Having more or less time to complete the training classes can make a massive difference in the learners’ knowledge retention. 

So, instead of having four half-days spread over a couple of weeks, it’s better to have eight days spread over eight weeks, which relates to a better experience for students.

Commitment to Delivering More Value

My ultimate objective is to provide a more effective training experience, adding value to learners’ professional lives.  Even if this means delivering fewer classes due to the extended time demands of the new format, I aim to create an environment where students learn more and become more effective. 💡

This transition from a revenue extraction model to a value creation model paves the way for achieving a mutually beneficial experience.  As organisations realise they are deriving more value from this innovative approach, which encourages them to invest more in such training methodologies, leading to an overall positive impact.

We want to deliver more value to our customers even if achieving the goal takes longer.

Intrigued to learn more about this Agile approach to training? 🎯

If you wish to delve into this topic or anything related to Agile, Scrum, or DevOps, please book a coffee chat with me through Naked Agility.

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