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What should people know about DevOps but really don’t?

Unveiling the Untold Depths of DevOps

Today, I want to address a common misconception in our industry – “What do people know about DevOps but really don’t?”

Drawing from my extensive experience of being a Microsoft MVP in Azure DevOps for 14 years, I’ve realised that there’s a common misconception that needs to be addressed.

So, let’s explore this pertinent topic.

DevOps: More Than Just Tools

DevOps is more than just a tool.  It’s an idea!  💡

It’s crucial to understand that DevOps is not just a tool, not a process, and not a practice, but a groundbreaking idea conceived specifically within the realms of software engineering.

I’ve noticed that when people talk about DevOps, especially around me, they refer to the tooling aspect, like Azure DevOps or Jira.

It seems that the focus has shifted to the tools, but here’s the catch – the tool is not the value.

It’s just a conduit to surface or leverage the value that comes with the underlying idea of DevOps. 🚀

DevOps: A Revolutionary Idea 💡

DevOps, in its essence, is not just a tool, a process, or even a practice.  It’s a revolutionary idea rooted deeply in software engineering.  💡

Its focus centres around enhancing our engineering systems and reshaping how we approach, create, and design products.  The impetus enables us to shorten feedback loops, fostering a more agile and efficient production environment.

Just like Agile, DevOps is an idea – a nebulous, albeit impactful, concept that goes beyond just the tools.  It’s more about understanding how to utilise these tools effectively and carving out a strategy that aligns with the core principles of DevOps.

Conversations with the Maestro

I fondly remember my enlightening conversations with Sam Guggenheimer, the visionary genius behind Team Foundation Server and the first iteration of Visual Studio Team Services.  I truly value these fascinating conversations and regard them as a privilege.

Sam had this uncanny ability to look far into the future, projecting what we would need to embrace the spirit of DevOps truly.  🚀

His journey, transitioning into Azure DevOps, is not the result of tools but the outcome of fostering the fundamental idea of DevOps.

It’s vital to remember that the tools are there to support the idea, not to be the cause of it.

So, as you venture further into the world of DevOps, remember to prioritise the core idea above the tools, for it is the ideology that truly nurtures growth and innovation.

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