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What is the Sprint Planning Workshop, and How Will It Help Organisations?

Depth and Breadth of Sprint Planning

What does the Sprint Planning Workshop entail?

If you’re imagining a one-off gathering, think again!

Our approach is designed to be comprehensive and impactful.  🚀

It’s delivered over multiple sessions and not just a one-time event. The key reason? “We want you to be able to have a chance to practice what we’re talking about.”

Step 1: Defining the “What” and “Why” of Sprint Planning 💡

We kickstart the journey with an initial workshop that aims to set the foundation. Here, “we figure out what Sprint Planning is and what it means to your organisation.” This involves intensive focus, where we engage in “a lot of learnings” through “a lot of exercises.”

The goal is to arrive at a “solid outcome of what you want Sprint Planning to be within your org.”

Step 2: Facilitation, Coaching, and Hands-On Practice

Post-defining the “what” and “why,” it’s time to roll up our sleeves for the “how.”

That’s when the real magic happens. We offer real-time facilitation for your first few Sprint Plannings. Somebody will be there to facilitate that Sprint Planning, help coach you through it and help you get the most out of it.

The session includes feedback and debriefing, which we incorporate to “make it better” for you.

Step 3: From Facilitation to Ownership

What’s the ultimate objective?

We aim for you to take over all that work in running it and making it effective.  📈

But this is not a static process. Sprint Planning should continuously “keep changing, keep emerging” as you refine “what you get from it and how you can leverage it to make your business more successful.”

In-Person or Digital, Your Choice

We offer you the flexibility to choose the format that suits you best.  🌐

The workshop can be “delivered digitally or in person,” which should “make sense for how you work.”

The Structure: Active Learning, Real Coaching, and Continuous Improvement

Expect a multi-faceted experience with one or two learning active working sessions, plus two or three coaching sessions through an actual Sprint Planning event. 🎯

The idea is to give you hands-on practice immediately and continue the journey through actionable insights so you can find out what’s happening.

Take Your Agile and Scrum Practices to Unprecedented Heights!

Are you looking to deepen your expertise in Agile and Scrum?

Our courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the skills you need.  

Until then, let’s keep sprinting toward excellence! 🌟

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