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What is the Single Most Valuable Outcome a Consulting Engagement Can Produce?

Exploring the Apex of Consulting Engagements: Unlocking Systemic Change

In my recent ponderings, I found myself entrenched in an intricate query. At first glance, this question seems almost elusive: “What is the single most valuable outcome that a consulting engagement can produce?”

As I thought more about this, I realised that the answer might not be confined to just one aspect.

Come, journey with me as we venture through this interesting inquiry guided by the wisdom of the lean principle.  🚀

Scaling New Heights with the Lean Principle

As I pinpointed a singular outcome, I realised, “Man, I’m struggling because can it be one thing, right?”

Perhaps we should broaden our horizons, seeking answers that encapsulate a broader spectrum. Let’s apply some lean principle; if we can’t get to a thing, we need to go up one level.

This approach beckons us to ponder deeper, potentially uncovering systemic change as the focal point.

Embarking on the Road of Systemic Change

Some actual change in either the behaviour because you’ve changed the system, right?

The underlying intent here is to catalyse a tangible transformation, a change that reverberates through the entire organisational structure, altering the conventional systems in place.  💫

This transition is devised to harbour substantial business advantages, whether it’s a business benefit that the engineering teams can work faster or it’s a business benefit that the company can respond to the market more quickly.

A Challenge Yet Rewarding

However, fostering this transformation isn’t a walk in the park. It is indeed a journey filled with challenges, primarily because many people say they want to change but don’t actually want to do the things they need to do to change.

The comfort zone of existing practices often serves as a barrier, preventing individuals from stepping out and embracing the new, the unfamiliar.

Cultivating a Culture of Experimentation and Evolution

Despite the hurdles, the prospect of moulding a future where individuals are ready to try new things and experiment, knowing that not every idea will work out the way they want, is exhilarating.   🌱

When you witness people coming on board, willing to venture into the unknown, it marks the onset of what I perceive to be the most valuable outcome for a consulting engagement.

Some systemic change to the system enables something some desire that the business is looking for.

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