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What is the one thing a PSPO course forces you to focus on?

The Core of PSPO: Unearthing the Essence of Value

Recently, I pondered a vital question, “What’s the one thing that a PSPO course compels you to zone in on?”

The answer is unambiguously clear – value.  🎯

Let me clarify.

Redefining Value Beyond Monetary Measures

Often, many jump to the conclusion and it’s a common pitfall, that value is solely about the tangible, the “money in my pocket”.  But it’s all about broadening the horizons of value.

But does that truly encompass the entirety of what value represents?  🔍

Particularly for public companies or not-for-profits, value takes on multifaceted dimensions.  This narrow definition simply doesn’t cut it.

What is YOUR Definition of Value?

This is the intriguing aspect.  This isn’t something I, or anyone else, can dictate or define for others or have a ready-made answer.  Each organisation has its unique interpretation.  

Product Owners are uniquely responsible for “demonstrating leadership in their organisation” to define value.  🤔 

But, unfortunately, for many, their comprehension of value is hazy, driven by the whims and inclinations of their superiors.

Stepping Up as Product Owners

A Product Owner’s role transcends managing backlogs and stakeholders.  It’s about “demonstrating leadership”, delineating what value means for the organisation.   Being a Product Owner is about more than just the title.  👑

It’s about evolving into a true Product Manager, anchoring strategies and decisions firmly on the bedrock of value.

How do you define, communicate, and champion that value within your organisation?

This is where the real challenge and reward lie.

Cornerstone of PSPO 

To encapsulate, if there’s one fundamental principle that the PSPO course is built upon, and if there’s a singular takeaway from the PSPO course, it’s this unyielding focus on value.

It’s the compass guiding every decision, every initiative and every interaction. ✨

Engage and Explore

Did this resonate with you?  If so, then join the conversation. 🌐 

Your journey towards mastering the nuances of value starts here.

Engage, question, and let’s redefine value together.  Let’s connect over coffee and discuss more.  You know where to find me – Naked Agility!


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