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What is Project Management?

Unpacking Project Management

Ever found yourself wondering, “What exactly is project management?” 🎯

Well, simply put, Project Management is a set of tools and techniques developed in the Industrial Revolution to help manage factory workers and to create and deliver goods from factories to customers.” 🏭

Project Management:  From the 1900s to Now

In essence, Project Management practices originated over a century ago,  in fact, they date back as far as 1905. 

The Gantt chart, for example, was introduced way back in 1905 for IR 1006 – that’s a historical leap, right? 🕰️ with tools like the Gantt chart (developed for IR 1006).  🌐

It’s an old craft, yet its core principles and tools continue to be relevant today. 📅

Project management has worked hard to modernise, becoming an essential part of our fast-paced business world. Its aim?

To help people know everything they’re going to do, to plan the way forward and Project Management has made significant strides to stay relevant in our turbo-charged business world.  To help people know everything they’re going to do, to plan the way forward.🗺️

  • Historical origins of Project Management from the industrial revolution
  • Gantt chart –  a pioneer in planning tool that’s withstood the test of time 📈
  • The modernisation of Project Management – Adapting to the fast-paced business world of today 🚀
  • The ultimate aim – a know-it-all plan for action ✅

If this information piques your curiosity and you’re intrigued and ready to take the leap into the dynamic world of Project Management, I’d love to guide you on this journey with my Agile and Scrum courses 🚀