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What Does the Assessment Phase of a Consulting Engagement Look and Feel Like?

The Reality of the Assessment Phase in a Consulting Engagement

So, as a Scrum Master, I often find myself grappling with an intriguing question – what does the assessment phase of a consulting engagement look like?”

Come along with me as we explore the facets of this initial consulting stage and why it might not be as rigid as we think. 🌟

Ditching the Traditional Assessment Phase? 🤔

When we step into the consulting realm, it seems almost imperative to have an assessment phase.

But here’s a thought – ideally, there isn’t an assessment phase, or not entirely that it’s asynchronous.

I firmly stand by the notion that a consultant should continually assess the needs of the business they’re working with.  As we navigate the complex space where we know less upfront than we discover by doing, it becomes evident that much of what we conduct during an “assessment phase” might eventually turn out to be throwaway.

Engaging & Learning Continuously

It’s not uncommon to see customers preferring an assessment phase where we come in, assess their ongoing processes, and then decide whether to seek our help in facilitating identified issues.

However, I firmly believe there’s more value in just helping, getting started, engaging with teams, and learning the current state of the organisation through engagement.  This hands-on approach brings a richness of insights and genuine understanding that may not be captured in a traditional assessment phase.

Striking the Right Balance

So, how Much is Enough? 🎯

As we contemplate the necessity of an assessment phase, a pivotal question emerges – “how much of an assessment do you need to do upfront?

And the golden rule here is to do just enough but not more.

It’s all about convincing the customer to collaborate with you and then fluidly transitioning to a stage where you can genuinely start assisting them, leaving the initial presumptions behind as they often turn irrelevant.

Dynamic Adaptations and Realisations

Reflecting upon my early years immersed in DevOps engagements in the US, I remember the emphasis on understanding and meeting the customer’s needs within a short timeframe, sometimes within a week.

This meant figuring out what the customer needs and delivering it within that window, with no room for extension.  This journey taught me the necessity to continuously adapt to what’s going on once you hit the ground, embracing an agile mindset that keeps pace with evolving needs and dynamics.  🌟

Join the Wave of Agile and Scrum Learning

As we tread this path of discovery and growth, the world of Agile and Scrum beckons with promises of deeper understanding and skill enhancement.

Embark on this enriching journey through our tailored courses, where you can nurture a mindset of continuous adaptation and growth in the vibrant sphere of consulting engagements.


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