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Overview of the ‘scaling with portfolio Kanban’ course

Scaling Portfolio Kanban: Enhancing Flow and Predictability at the Organizational Level


The “Applying Scaling Portfolio Kanban” class is designed to elevate your understanding of Kanban from the team level to the organizational and program levels. This course provides strategies to analyze and optimize the flow of portfolio items, ultimately increasing the value delivered by your products and improving predictability across your organization.

Why Scale Portfolio Kanban?

Scaling Portfolio Kanban offers several advantages for large organizations:

  • Holistic View: Understand and manage work across multiple teams and departments.
  • Increased Predictability: Improve forecasting and delivery timelines.
  • Value Maximization: Focus on delivering the highest value items and making informed decisions about projects.

Course Overview: Applying Scaling Portfolio Kanban

The “Applying Scaling Portfolio Kanban” course helps leaders and managers analyze and enhance their workflow at an organizational level. Key areas of focus include:

  • Understanding Organizational Flow: Gain insights into how work flows through your entire organization.
  • Creating Effective Strategies: Develop strategies to enable the smooth flow of portfolio items.
  • Improving Predictability: Learn techniques to increase the predictability of your deliverables.

Key Components of the Course

  1. System-Wide Analysis:
  • Shift focus from team-level to organization-level analysis.
  • Understand and visualize the flow of work across departments and programs.
  • Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the overall system.
  1. Strategic Decision Making:
  • Learn to make data-driven decisions about which projects to pursue, which to abandon, and which need significant changes.
  • Focus on delivering high-value items and optimizing resources.
  1. Enhancing Flow and Predictability:
  • Techniques to increase the speed and predictability of delivery.
  • Understand the impact of different types of work on the system and how to balance them effectively.
  1. Engaging Leadership:
  • Designed for heads of departments, agile coaches, project managers, development leads, high-level product owners, scrum masters, and product managers.
  • Equip leaders with the tools to ask insightful questions and drive continuous improvement.

Benefits of the Scaling Portfolio Kanban Course

Implementing the strategies from this course will provide several benefits:

  • Optimized Workflow: Improved flow of portfolio items through the system.
  • Better Predictability: Enhanced ability to forecast and meet delivery timelines.
  • Informed Decisions: Data-driven decision-making for project prioritization and resource allocation.
  • Increased Value Delivery: Focus on delivering high-value projects more efficiently.


The “Applying Scaling Portfolio Kanban” course is essential for leaders who want to optimize their organizational workflow, improve predictability, and maximize value delivery. By understanding and applying Kanban strategies at a portfolio level, you can transform your project management approach and achieve better outcomes for your business.

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