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Overview of ‘applying metrics for predictability’ Kanban course.

Enhancing Team Predictability with Kanban: The “Applying Metrics for Predictability” Course


Predictability is a crucial aspect of successful project management. It allows teams to set realistic expectations, make informed decisions, and deliver consistent value. However, many teams struggle to accurately forecast when work will be completed and how much work can be delivered within a given timeframe. This is where the “Applying Metrics for Predictability” course from Pro Kanban comes in. This course delves deep into using Kanban metrics to improve the predictability of your team’s delivery capabilities.

Why Focus on Predictability?

Predictability in project management translates to trust and reliability. When teams can reliably forecast their deliverables, businesses can plan better, allocate resources more efficiently, and enhance customer satisfaction. Here’s why improving predictability is essential:

  • Enhanced Planning: Accurate forecasts allow for better project planning and resource management.
  • Stakeholder Confidence: Reliable delivery timelines build trust with stakeholders and clients.
  • Consistent Value Delivery: Ensures a steady flow of value to the business, avoiding surprises and delays.

Course Overview: Applying Metrics for Predictability

The “Applying Metrics for Predictability” course is designed to equip teams with the knowledge and tools to leverage Kanban metrics for enhanced predictability. Here’s what the course covers:

  • Understanding Kanban Metrics: Learn about key metrics such as cycle time, lead time, throughput, and how they impact predictability.
  • Interpreting Graphs: Gain skills in reading and interpreting various Kanban charts and graphs to identify patterns and issues.
  • Making Accurate Forecasts: Learn techniques for probabilistic forecasting to answer critical questions like “When will it be done?” and “How much work will I get by this date?”
  • Improving Flow: Discover strategies to increase the flow of value to production, ensuring consistent delivery.

Key Components of the Course

  1. Impact of Change:
  • Understand how changes in your process affect key metrics.
  • Learn to identify issues in graphs and interpret them to make data-driven decisions.
  1. Accurate Forecasting:
  • Techniques for single-item and multiple-item forecasting.
  • Use probabilistic methods to create reliable delivery timelines.
  1. Improving Predictability:
  • Analyze collected data to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Implement changes based on insights to enhance predictability and flow.
  1. Flow of Value:
  • Strategies to improve the upstream flow of value.
  • Ensure that value delivery to the business is consistent and reliable.

Benefits of Applying Metrics for Predictability

By applying the techniques taught in this course, your team can expect the following benefits:

  • Reliable Delivery Estimates: Provide stakeholders with accurate timelines, enhancing trust and satisfaction.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Use data to drive decisions, leading to continuous improvement and better outcomes.
  • Increased Efficiency: Identify and address inefficiencies in your workflow, ensuring a smoother and faster delivery process.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Plan and allocate resources more effectively based on reliable forecasts.


The “Applying Metrics for Predictability” course offers invaluable insights and tools to improve your team’s ability to deliver predictably. By understanding and leveraging Kanban metrics, you can transform your project management approach, ensuring consistent value delivery and enhanced stakeholder confidence. If your team struggles with predictability, this course is a must.

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