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One critical skill for a Scrum Master and why?

1 critical skill for a Scrum Master and why?

When you think of the role of a Scrum Master, I bet teaching isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Most view Scrum Masters as facilitators, project managers, or even referees. 

But when you dig a little deeper, you may be a little surprised to find one keyword that pops up more often than most – teaching. And it’s not just your garden-variety, read-from-a-textbook kind of teaching. No, it’s the kind of teaching that lights up ideas💡 in people’s minds, paving the way for deep understanding and impactful change.

I do think that the main critical skill for a Scrum Master is to be able to teach and teach things in a way that helps people understand everything, not just the mechanics of how to do something.

Think of it as being more of a tour guide rather than a schoolteacher. You’re not there to drill facts into people but to show them around, let them explore, and help them connect the dots.

Your reward is that you’re nudging them towards those ‘Aha!’ moments in the process. 🎯

So here’s to all my fellow Scrum Masters, who are more educators than enforcers and use their ‘teaching superpowers’ to drive meaningful, transformative change. 🚀

You may wonder why teaching is a critical skill for a Scrum Master.

Simply put, it’s because we’re in the business of change – and people naturally resist change unless they understand its value. 💡

As a Scrum Master:

✔️ Focusing on the teaching aspect helps team members grasp their roles.

✔️ Teaching the ‘why’ behind Scrum principles fuels engagement and motivation.

✔️ Once team members understand the value of Agile Transformation, they become more open to change and often drive that change themselves.

In summary, understanding the why is vital, and it’s through effective teaching, as a Scrum Master, that I can help teams embrace Agile.

So, Scrum Masters, let’s not just dictate the ‘what’ and ‘how’; let’s teach the ‘why’ too and watch teams thrive!

Are you a Scrum Master looking to refine your teaching skills?

Or a team member eager to better understand the ‘why’ of Agile?

Connect with me today, and let’s drive successful Agile change together! 🤝

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