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Most common thing you hear in a PSPO course?

Common Comments from the PSPO Course

Over the years teaching the PSPO course, I’ve heard one recurring sentiment from many Product Owners that goes something like this: “We don’t have that kind of control.”

I hear this a lot from Product Owners seeking more control.

A Call to Elevate the Role of the Product Owner

These candid admissions illuminate the very crux of what many Product Owners experience: A sense of not being in the arena where they believe they should be.

They often elaborate, saying:

  • “We can’t change the product backlog order.” 📋
  • “We can’t influence the product goal.  It feels out of our hands ” 🎯
  • “Discussing the strategic direction with the business?  Seems out of our reach and we’re usually left out of that conversation.” 🚫

Here’s my perspective.   

Acknowledging this feeling isn’t a sign of defeat.  On the contrary, it’s an open invitation to engage and to rise! 🌟

Empowerment & Accountability in the Role of Product Owner

The truth?

Hearing these concerns always piques my interest.  💪

These sentiments signal to me that many Product Owners feel they aren’t playing in the major leagues yet.

But here’s the twist, ‘Recognising this gap is the first step to bridging it! 🌉

Rising to the Challenge

For those feeling this ‘gap’, it’s crucial to introspect on the road to empowerment, asking yourself valuable questions, such as:

1.  “What proactive steps can I take to elevate my organisational role?”

2.  “Which pivotal meetings can I become a part of?” 🗓️

3.  ” What bridges can I build to network and solidify my role’s significance?” 🤝

Importantly, as I always say: “To be entrusted with greater accountability, you must first shine with competence.” 🔍

Are you a Product Owner feeling like you’re benched on the sidelines?  ✨

Feeling that your Product Owner role needs a boost?

I invite you to delve deeper into the PSPO discourse with me.  Hop onto my Agile and Scrum courses, and together, let’s align your role with the influence it deserves!🤝

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