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Most common thing you hear in a PSM 1 course?

“But in the Real World…”

I’ve been guiding numerous students through the nuances of PSM 1, and there’s a recurring phrase I often hear, which is, “But in the real world…” 🌍

This has become an echo of the PSM 1 Class.

This sentiment tends to arise precisely when we discuss the profound domain of moral flexibility.  🤔

Moral Obligation vs. Real-World Compromises

Within the framework of PSM, our conversation gravitates towards our undeterred moral obligation.

In other words, we emphasise our unwavering moral responsibility to our customers always to tell the truth. đź’ˇ

Yet, during discussions, many participants interject with, “But in the real world, we have to tell our customer how long it will take and how much it will cost upfront.”

Handing Over the ‘Squirrel’ Burger

But hold on a second, by asserting such a claim, aren’t we compromising on our moral integrity?  Essentially, we might just be serving our customers a “squirrel” burger, a facade that isn’t what we claimed to be. 🍔

Imagine your client’s reaction when they realise the promises were not as transparent as they believed.  It’s far from what we painted it to be, and it’s troubling to ponder that customers might seal deals based on such misleading premises.

Championing Honesty in Agile

Such reflective moments in the class always underline the paramount importance of moral inflexibility.

Let’s not tweak our integrity to navigate tricky waters or to frame comfortable narratives.

Let’s challenge these ‘real world’ assertions and hold ourselves to the highest standards of truth and transparency.

If you’re ready to delve into understanding Agile and Scrum’s true essence, join my courses and let’s debunk these myths together! 🚀

Let’s champion honesty in our Agile journey!

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