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Mindset Versus Philosophy

In this month’s podcast, Simon Reindl and Martin Hinshelwood explore the importance of transparency, specifically relating to the words we use and the context within which we use those words. Precision matters. Accuracy matters. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say matters. Listen to this podcast for some great insights into why language matters in the #agile world.

About the hosts of Agile Actually

Simon Reindl is the chief #agilecoach, #agileconsultant and #professionalscrumtrainer at Advanced Product Delivery. In addition to traditional #agilecoaching and #agileconsulting, Simon is pioneering #leanagileprocurement in Europe and helping organizations to reinvent how they partner with suppliers and subcontractors.

Visit https://www.apd.coach for more information on Simon.

Martin Hinshelwood is the chief #agileconsultant and #professionalscrumtrainer at NKD Agility. In addition to traditional #agilecoaching, #agileconsulting, and #scrumtraining, Martin is an expert in #devops consulting and engineering. If you are looking for help on anything DevOps, #scrum, #agile or #microsoft, Martin Hinshelwood is your go-to-guy.

Visit https://www.nkdagility.com for more information on Martin.