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How will a PSM II course challenge your assumptions the most?

PSM II: The Game-Changer for Scrum Masters

Today, I want to tackle an important question I often receive, “How will a PSM II course challenge your assumptions the most?

If so, you’re not alone.  Many Agile enthusiasts, like you and me, grapple with a multitude of assumptions, and the PSM II course is precisely crafted to challenge these notions.

Buckle up because this journey will shift your perspectives! 🚀

Challenging Assumptions about Scrum Masters

What do you think a Scrum Master is?  What do you believe a Scrum Master does?

We’re often inundated with myths about the Scrum Master role.

One foundational shift is redefining who a Scrum Master truly is.  🔍

The myths surrounding this role are numerous, and we continually address these misconceptions in the PSM II course.  🧩 

So, Let’s go ahead and debunk a few:

Let me break a few myths surrounding the PSM II course challenges down:

  • The Jira Admin Myth: Contrary to some beliefs, think again when it comes to Jira Admin.  Scrum Masters aren’t merely Jira admins.  They’re so much more.  It’s a disservice to box them into such a limited category.
  • The Problem Solver Myth: A common misinterpretation is that Scrum Masters exist purely to solve the team’s problems.  In reality, they catalyse the removal of impediments — not necessarily doing the work but empowering the team to do so.  Essentially, a Scrum Master aims to make their role almost redundant by fostering a self-sufficient team and pushing for self-reliance and reduced dependency.
  • The “Invisibly Present” Paradigm: This is a concept I adore and one of my cherished takeaways from the PSM II course is the idea of being ‘invisibly present’.  A Scrum Master’s value isn’t in their overt actions but in their nuanced guidance.  They shape and steer the way teams organise tasks.  Yet, if they were to be absent for a fortnight, the team’s activities from retrospectives to daily scrums — would still proceed seamlessly.  This is because teams under a proficient Scrum Master recognise the intrinsic value of these processes rather than feeling compelled by external pressure.  That’s the mark of true influence!

Evolution from Scrum Master to Advanced Scrum Master

To me, this journey, this transition that I believe to be the pinnacle of the PSM II course from a foundational Scrum Master role to the advanced realms of Scrum expertise, represents the heart of the PSM II course.  🔄 

We are shifting from a task-oriented Scrum Master to a guide operating in advanced Scrum methodologies.  🌟

It’s about that massive leap and transition into the advanced Scrum Master world.

Ready for More Insights? 

I’d love to share more on this and other Agile, Scrum, and DevOps topics.  If this resonates with you, consider my Agile and Scrum courses.  📣 

And remember, I’m always eager to engage in the comments or over a coffee chat!

Reach out, and let’s transform your Scrum journey together.