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How Does Your Consulting Experience Manifest in the Training Environment?

Synergy Between Consulting and Training

Today’s topic question is my personal favourite: “How does my consulting experience manifest in the training environment?”

For me, this is a subject that unearths the core of what effective training should be, and I’m excited to delve into it.  📚

Twin Pillars: Consulting and Training

When I’m consulting and training, it manifests itself all over the place, to be honest.

This synergy isn’t just a coincidence—it’s fundamental. Training is far more than lecturing on textbook solutions.

It’s a unique space where particular instances, ideas, and solutions spring to life. 🎯

The Power of Situational Experience

I feel that I bring to a training class the situational experiences I’ve had with organisations, teams, and leadership groups.  🌟

These aren’t just tales or fables; these are real-life lived experiences. Through these authentic situational accounts, the training process gains its full measure of value and relatability.

Always a Worse Story

Without fail, I’ve always got a worse story than whatever the students bring, and that’s a strength. It lightens the atmosphere, enabling open and candid discussions.

Whether it’s a technical dilemma, a cultural hurdle, or a business obstacle, I can pull out a worse example.  😂

Why Realness in Training Is Not Negotiable

What differentiates my training classes is that they centre around real experiences.

It’s a simple but powerful criterion: trainers have to have actually done what they’re talking about.

This hands-on perspective, rooted in real consulting experience, transforms the training content into an engaging and profoundly impactful resource.

losing the Gap: From Theory to Real-World Application

We talk about Agile and Scrum in training, but companies are often far removed from these principles.   

So, how do we close this chasm?

How do we go from theory to real-world applications?

Surprisingly, the answer is straightforward: a trainer with a substantial Agile or DevOps consulting background.

Step Into a Training Experience Grounded in Reality

Captivated by the notion of an Agile and Scrum training program steeped in genuine consulting experience?  🚀

Say no more.

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