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How big is the gap between an average developer and a great Agile Developer?

Bridging the Chasm: From Average to Agile Excellence in Development

Today, I aim to clarify a pressing query that seems to linger persistently in the development ecosystem and has been on my mind for quite some time: “How big is the gap between an average developer and a great Agile Developer?”

Allow me to shed light on this vital question, grounded in both personal reflection and years of experience navigating the Agile sphere.

Let’s dissect this into two parts, but I want to focus on the central aspect that I consider extremely important.

The Engaging Difference: Where Greatness Begins

You know, there’s a fundamental distinction that sets the average and the great developers apart, and it boils down to one crucial aspect – engagement.  🌟

I vividly recall reading a blog post years ago that resonated profoundly with me.

The post began with a line that still echoes in my mind – “If you’re reading this, you’re already in the top 10 percent.”

It reflected the undeniable fact that a minuscule fraction of people are genuinely engaged and passionate about their craft, to a point where they willingly invest time and effort to elevate their skills continuously.  These types of people are prepared to try things, fail, and then pick themselves up to try again.

Continuous Journey of Learning and Adaptation

A stellar Agile developer’s insatiable curiosity and zest for learning are a significant hallmark of a stellar Agile developer.  They embody a mindset where setbacks are perceived as learning curves, a platform to grow, adapt, and excel.

Their journey is characterised by a constant cycle of trial, error, and improvement, transcending technical aspects and encompassing people skills and process management.

They immerse themselves in the intricacies of their daily tasks, fostering an environment of continual growth and enhancement.

The Power of Practice: A Lesson from Martial Artists and Musicians

Drawing a fascinating parallel, I’d like to highlight what martial artists and musicians share in common – the relentless practice.  In our industry, finding time to practice, innovate and experiment often takes a backseat.

I believe that training classes can serve as an avenue for this much-needed practice, provided they are structured correctly.

However, this element of practice is where the true prowess of training classes shines.  Not those that have you glued to a PowerPoint presentation but ones that foster a dynamic, engaging, and interactive learning environment, akin to what I strive to cultivate in my Agile and Scrum courses.

I prefer to incorporate elements of flipped learning in my training classes.

Reinventing Training: The Shift Towards Flipped Learning

A revolutionary approach that I ardently endorse is flipped learning, a methodology that respects the diverse learning paces of individuals.   Here’s how I approach it – I supply you with the content for day one well in advance, encouraging you to go through it at your own pace.

It enables learners first to acquaint themselves with the content at their comfortable pace, followed by engaging, collaborative sessions where nuances are explored, questions are answered, and practical exercises are undertaken.

It harnesses the collective energy and diverse perspectives, paving the way for a deeper and richer understanding.

Empowering Individuals: The Essence of Self-Directed Learning

I have encountered companies that take this a notch higher, empowering their employees with a substantial budget to chart their learning trajectories annually. 🚀

These organisations foster a culture of self-directed learning, offering individuals the autonomy and the resources to carve their learning pathways.  Such an approach aligns with individual preferences and encourages a higher level of engagement and eagerness.

It eradicates the pitfalls of mandated learning, instilling a culture of voluntary participation and heightened focus – the hallmarks of a great agile developer. 🌱

Embark on Your Agile Learning Voyage

I hope this ignites a spark within you to embark on a journey towards Agile excellence, characterised by relentless engagement, focus, and practice.

Let’s redefine what it means to be a developer in this agile era!

I invite you to dive deep into this world of engaged and self-directed learning through my Agile and Scrum courses. 🚀

It’s a space where your passion meets our guidance, where your journey of transforming from an average developer to an agile maestro begins.


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