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Free Workshop: Introduction to Agility and Building Awesome Teams

I have been working through some plans to bring you all some complimentary workshops on specific topics. I have been running quite a lot of customer-specific workshops and getting good feedback on the method, content, and techniques.

Since this is the first session I will be looking for feedback on timing, duration, and content for the next sessions.

Everyone is welcome but you will have to register to get a spot! Once you have registered you will receive an email with a calendar invitation and the link to join on the day.

Introduction to Agility, The Agile Manifesto, & Cynefin


When: 5 Aug, 2021 | 16:00-17:30
Typical Duration: 90 Minutes
Skill Level: Introductory

This workshop will highlight the value of people and the need for different thinking in the product development space.

  • Characteristics of a Great Team
  • Complexity & Empiricism
  • Comparing Evolutions
  • What now?

Who is it for?

If you are new to agility this is a perfect place to start. If you are a seasoned agilista maybe we can add some tools to your toolbox. This session will be facilitated online in Microsoft Teams and Mural using liberating structures and my own brand of engagement techniques.



Check out the Review and Retro: https://nkdagility.com/blog/free-workshop-introduction-to-agility-and-building-awesome-teams-review-retrospective/

Live Recording!

We dont have any dates for public classes right now. sign-up to be the first to know, or contact us for discounts or private training.