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1 thing that sinks a consulting engagement before it starts gaining traction?

The Double-Edged Sword of Consulting Contracts

Hello, Agile and Consulting Community!  Today, we will discuss navigating the pitfalls of gaining traction for your consulting engagement.  ⚔️

We often ponder the elements that can sink a consulting engagement right from the get-go.  The answer lies where you least expect it.

Buckle up, let’s explore!

Over-Specifying in Contracts: A Common Pitfall

The moment “your contract states exactly what needs to be delivered, when, and at what cost, you’re already in deep trouble, right?”  🚩

You might believe that outlining everything in black and white gives you a sense of security, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite.  In the consulting world, being too prescriptive in contracts can be the first nail in the coffin.

Uncertainty in Product Development

Why is this a problem?

Because that’s not the reality of the unpredictable nature of building products that don’t exist yet.

Projects are constantly evolving; requirements shift and unforeseen challenges arise.  When a rigid contract shackles you, you’re just going to have a bad time.

Changing the Focus: Outcome Over Output

The solution is to flip the script.  🎯

You’ll want to talk about the ‘outcome’.  For example. – What is it that you’re going to achieve?  What value are you going to deliver to the customer?

By focusing on what matters—the actual value and end results—everything else is irrelevant.

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