Guidance: How to layout you files for an Ideal Solution

Creating a solution and having it maintainable over time is an art and not a science. I like being pedantic and having a place for everything, no matter how small. For setting up the Areas to run Multiple projects under one solution see my post on  When should I use Areas in TFS instead of […]

Upgrading Team Foundation Server 2008 to 2010

I am sure you will have seen my posts on upgrading our internal Team Foundation Server from TFS2008 to TFS2010 Beta 2, RC and RTM, but what about a fresh upgrade of TFS2008 to TFS2010 using the RTM version of TFS. One of our clients is taking the plunge with TFS2010, so I have the […]

Silverlight 4, MVVM and Test-Driven Development

As part of his UK tour Microsoft’s Jesse Liberty will be talking in Edinburgh for an evening on Silverlight 4. [Register Now, there are some places left]  The Talk MVVM and Silverlight to build test-driven programs Understanding Refactoring and Dependency Injection A Walk through of a non-trivial application The Speaker Jesse Liberty, Silverlight Geek, is […]

Guidance: A Branching strategy for Scrum Teams

Having a good branching strategy will save your bacon, or at least your code. Be careful when deviating from your branching strategy because if you do, you may be worse off than when you started! This is one possible branching strategy for Scrum teams and I will not be going in depth with Scrum but […]

Upgrading from TFS 2010 RC to TFS 2010 RTM done

Today is the big day, with the Launch of Visual Studio 2010 already done in Asia, and rolling around the world towards us, we are getting ready for the RTM. We have had TFS 2010 Beta 2 and RC in Production for nearly 6 months and have had only joy, so moving to the RTM […]

Upgrading Visual Studio 2010

I have been running Visual Studio 2010 as my main development studio on my development computer since the RC was released. I need to upgrade that to the RTM, but first I need to remove it. Microsoft have done a lot of work to make this easy, and it works. Its as easy as uninstalling […]

Scrum for Team Foundation Server 2010

I will be presenting a session on “Scrum for TFS2010” not once, but twice! If you are going to be at the Aberdeen Partner Group meeting on 27th April, or DDD Scotland on 8th May then you may be able to catch my session. Credit: I want to give special thanks to Aaron Bjork from […]

Scottish Visual Studio 2010 Launch event with Jason Zander

Microsoft are hosting a launch event for Visual Studio 2010 on Friday 16th April in Edinburgh. The have managed to convince one of the head honchos from the Visual Studio product team to come to Scotland. With Scott Guthrie last week in Glasgow and now Jason Zander, Global General Manager for Visual Studio will be […]

Scott Guthrie in Glasgow

Last week Scott Guthrie was in Glasgow for his new Guathon tour, which was a roaring success. Scott did talks on the new features in Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, ASP.NET MVC 2 and Windows Phone 7. Scott talked from 10am till 4pm, so this can only contain what I remember and I am sure […]

Who broke the build?

I recently sent round a list of broken builds at SSW and asked for them to be fixed or deleted if they are not being used. My colleague Peter came back with a couple of questions which I love as it tells me that at least one person reads my email I think first we […]