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Upgrading Visual Studio 2010


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vs2010_ultimate_webI have been running Visual Studio 2010 as my main development studio on my development computer since the RC was released. I need to upgrade that to the RTM, but first I need to remove it. Microsoft have done a lot of work to make this easy, and it works. Its as easy as uninstalling from the control panel.

I have had may previous versions of Visual Studio 2010 on this same computer with no need to rebuild to remove all the bits.

Figure: Run the uninstall from the control panel to remove Visual Studio 2010 RC

Figure: The uninstall removes everything for you. 

Figure: A green tick means the everything went OK. If you get a red cross, try installing the RTM anyway and it should warn you with what was not uninstalled properly and you can remove it manually.


Once you have VS2010 RC uninstalled installing should be a breeze. The install for 2010 is much faster than 2008. Which could take all day, and then some on slower computers. This takes around 20 minutes even on my small laptop. I always do a full install as although I have to do c# I sometimes get to use a proper programming language Smile VB.NET. Seriously, there is nothing worse than trying to open a project and the other developer has used something you don’t have. Its not their fault. Its yours! Save yourself the angst and install Fully, its only 5.9GB.

Figure: I always select all of the options.


If you have just uninstalled the .NET 4 RC then you will probably be asked to restart Sad But it is a necessary evil.

Now go forth and develop! Preferably in VB.NET…


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