Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Code Management and Build

Branching Merging and Build are two parts of the overall software development cycle. In the Branching and Merging session, we cover industries standard approaches to branching and merging, the pros and Cons of the standard approaches, and how each strategy might fit your company needs. In the Build section we cover how to setup a […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – IntelliTrace and Test Impact Analysis

Intellitrace was built in response to the #1 and #2 demands from TFS 2008 customers: help us find bugs faster so we can fix them faster. As a configurable “flight data recorder” for all aspects of debug and test, it provides advanced and integrated logging so devs can locate and reproduce the bug exactly the […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – A day in the life of … Plan, Code & Test

This session shows the Day in the Life of a project using TFS from the context of a Developer, Tester, and Program Manager. The purpose of this session is to give a clear picture of how someone in the role of the Developer, the Tester and Program Manager would use TFS in his/her role. Update […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Introduction

A high-level overview of ALM and how the features in Visual Studio 2010 support ALM. This presentation touches on all the features shown in the rest of the deeper-dive sessions. If attendees don’t know which other sessions they want, watching this presentation might help them decide. This post is part of a series of Visual Studio ALM […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview Webcasts

Over the last year I have delivered a variety of high-level overviews of Visual Studio ALM and the features that are available within it. These are all high level overviews even when talking about specific topics, and I have occasionally had to hand wave where things did not go well (Cough… Sharepoint Dev… cough) but […]

What about hosting the Tfs Automation Platform

I have been asked what would be the process or support for hosting the Tfs Automation Platform either from a hosting provider, or in the cloud if we have server side components. If you are not familiar with TFS on Azure make sure you read: Update on TFS on Azure from Brian Harry “To the […]

What is the Tfs Automation Platform

The TFS Automation Platform is a project that will be developed initially as the TFS Iteration Automation project for the Rangers, but which has a grander  vision to solve a need for customers to have things just happen within TFS. Currently, the scope of this project is to create automations that assist with iteration management, […]

In-Place upgrade of TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 with move to new domain

I had a particularly complicated upgrade this time that required me to do two things: In-Place upgrade of TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 Move new TFS 2010 server from one domain to another I followed Vasu Sankaran’s post on Guidance for upgrading to TFS 2010 along with domain move to make sure I did not […]