TFS for cross team and cross business line work item tracking

I was asked by current customer to come up with a solution, within TFS, to allow an entire division to work together in delivering software for a bank. This divisions made up of over 10 teams than work on many pieces of software. Some have simple requirements while others require harsh security and compliance. This […]

Install Release Management 2013

Have you seen how easy it is to install Release Management 2013 and configure it with with Visual Studio 2013? See Martin install and configure the new Visual Studio 2013 Release Management Server, Client, and Deployment Agent all in under 10 minutes.

Installing Release Management Server for TFS 2013

Unless you have been living under a rock you might have noticed that Microsoft has added a Release Management tool to its Visual Studio product line. I have been playing with it for a while now and I think I have it figured out. However as this is a new addition to the product it […]

Installing TFS 2013 from scratch is easy

Installing TFS 2013 from scratch is easy and take only minutes, even for an advanced install. See Martin show both a Basic and Standard Single Server install within an Active Directory domain.

Installing Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013

With the addition of the new Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013 to the Visual Studio ALM roundup many folks are going to be giving it a go. If you might remember some of my post during the preview days of this tool there were some issue with installing.