Calculating the Rank of your blog posts or pages

I had an idea to have blog posts, or Rules listed not in date order, or an arbitrary order, but in some sort of calculated order. For this I would need to get data from somewhere and I fancied using; Number of Comments, Number of Trackbacks, Reddit, Digg, FriendFeed Twitter and Google Page rank. In […]

How to deal with a stuck or infinitely queued build

Team Foundation Build can be a difficult beast, but not usually because of itself. Although people do experience problems when adding solutions that have been around for a while with no build run, it really does do a fantastic job. On occasion I have seen what I call a “Stuck Build” which is a build […]

A change for the better #3 – SSW to Northwest Cadence

Over the last 11 months, I have worked for a fantastic group of people at SSW and on a fantastic array of projects. However, the time has now come to specialise in one specific area. I have worked with Visual Studio ALM since its launch in 2005 and more recently with Scrum and the Professional […]

Active Directory Groups not Syncing with Team Foundation Server 2010

For a little while now I had been investigating an odd occurrence in Team Foundation Server. Users added to Active Directory groups have not been filtering back into the Team Foundation Server groups cache. The meant that we had to add users directly to Team Foundation Server in order to give them permission. While this […]

Changing the Team Project Collection of the Team Build Controller

When you are doing demos or training for Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS 2010) you may have multiple Team Project Collections (TPC) for different scenarios or process templates. You may even be attaching a pre-built TPC image so you can start from a particular point. If you try to do create a build you will […]

SSW Brain Quest: Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010 (London)

If you are unable to commit to the 5 day Professional Scrum Developer course we are holding in London, Adam Cogan is running his famous Brain Quest 1 day session on Wednesday 21st July. This full day training course brings developers up-to-speed on the new features and benefits of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Team Foundation […]

Professional Scrum Developer (.NET) Training in London

On the 26th – 30th July in Microsoft’s offices in London Adam Cogan from SSW will be presenting the first Professional Scrum Developer course in the UK. I will be teaching this course along side Adam and it is a fantastic experience. You are split into teams and go head-to-head to deliver units of potentially […]

Ghost build controllers in Team Foundation Server

Have you ever seen ghost build controllers in Team Foundation Server that you just can’t seam to delete no matter what you do? Sometime there are builds left over in the system that were queued but never completed.

Why you need to tag your build servers in TFS

At SSW we use gated check-in for all of our projects. The benefits are based on the number of developers you have working on your project. Lets say you have 30 developers and each developer breaks the build once per month. That could mean that you have a broken build every day! Gated check-ins help, […]

Guidance: How to layout you files for an Ideal Solution

Creating a solution and having it maintainable over time is an art and not a science. I like being pedantic and having a place for everything, no matter how small. For setting up the Areas to run Multiple projects under one solution see my post on  When should I use Areas in TFS instead of […]