Slaying the Dragons and How to Successfully Descale at Scale

Many organisations don’t really want to change how they do business and believe that they can continue in the way they always have while still getting better at delivering software. They are wrong! While there are organisations that are successfully scaling out there, they are exceedingly rare. What are the commonalities between these organisations and […]

Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services

Both as a 1 hour ScrumPulse and a team based workshop for the Dutch ALM UG I did sessions entitled Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services. I showed how to use Team Services in the scope of multiple collaborative teams (or a Nexus) working on a single product.

Big Scrum: All you need and not enough

Once you have Professional Scrum Teams you can focus on enhancing the communication lines that are a necessity of Scaling Software Delivery. Nexus is a framework for using Scrum to scale Scrum from and Ken Schwaber.