Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services



Last week I was teaching a Professional Scrum Foundations in Farnborough and I had to make sure that I got a hotel with awesome internet access. As well as teaching the class I Have two additional tasks for the week. The first was to have the honour of talking on ScrumPulse,’s webcast, and the second was to talk at the prestigious Dutch ALM Meetup.

Both topics were the same with “Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services” but the interactivity and available time was substantially different with only really 45 minutes in the webcast and nearly 3 hours for the workshop.

Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services Webcast

Tools don’t solve problems, but they can help reduce the friction of Scaling Professional Scrum. The only way to successfully scale across multiple teams, maybe in multiple countries, is to create robust automation and orchestration for minimizing the risks, and time, of manual tasks. Visual Studio Team Services allows you to create a robust, platform agnostic, support structure that can start where you are, and grow as your needs mature. One Scrum Team, One Nexus, or many…

See how it grows…

You can also view the slides from

Before viewing the webcast please make sure that you have familiarised yourself with the Nexus Guide. I did not have time to go through the entire process and focused instead on how you might implement a single Nexus in VSTS with suggestions on how to implement many Nexus.

Although there were over 800 registrations for the event the meeting software only supported 100 participants. If you were signed up and were unable to attend then you can view the recording. is looking at options to support the larger number of participants in the future.

The event was recorded, and has been published as “Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services” on the YouTube channel. We also have published the slides for you as well.

Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services Workshop

Find out how to organize many teams of work in VSTS within a Nexus (3-9 teams) and control what data is shown to who. Martin will introduce Nexus as a compliment to Scrum and demonstrate how to setup VSTS to support it, then let you get your hands dirty…

This time no other than Martin Hinshelwood will join us for an interesting evening around Scrum for Team of Teams. Martin is an independent consultant at nkdAgility ( and runs his own business at customers all over the world.


While there are many tools out there to support Scrum only Visual Studio Team Services really support scaling scrum to the enterprise. If you have many teams working together on a single product then there is no better tool at scale than Visual Studio Team Services.

Get in touch if you want me to speak at a User Group, if I am going to be in your area then let me know!

Upcoming Training Opportunities

These are the next five classes we have, and you can check out our full public schedule of classes.

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Virtual Immersive
11 Oct-13 Oct, 2023
09:00-13:00 EDT
8 weekly half-days
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Immersive Professional Agile Leadership Essentials with Joanna Płaskonka Ph.D. over 7 weeks from 20th October 2023
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1 full-days

We can deliver any of our courses as private in-house training over Microsoft Teams & Mural. We also recommend training based on your accountabilities or role, you can go directly to recommended courses for Scrum MastersProduct OwnersDevelopers and Agile Leaders.

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