Disqus & Chrome with non-support

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I am having a problem on my blog with comments. Namely that you cant see any! This is the downside of relying on a third party tool, but do the problems out weight the benefits?  Comments not loading I am having problems with Disqus on WordPress in Chrome; My comments don’t load, and they do […]

Running Android 2.2 (Frodo) on your HD2

While my HD2 was away getting fixed I had to slum it using an Android phone from Vodafone. It was a small cheap Vodafone 845 running Android 2.1 and you know what… I loved it. Don’t get me wrong… the phone was crap… but Android is good. While I wait to get my hands on […]

The search for a single point of truth

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It may be a trivial matter to get your contacts on your phone, but if you do the social network thing, then you need to do a little jiggery pokery to get everything to sync so you have the same contacts everywhere. Over the last couple of weeks I have vowed to get them sorted. […]

Compatibility view in IE8

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If you were worried about your pages viewing correctly in IE8 Beta 1 you had to restart your browser to enable “IE7 Compatibility mode”. Now it is easy: Although it seams to do a bit of detecting and only displays it on certain sites. For example Microsoft.com and Google.com do not get the little button. […]

Cool new feature in IE8

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It may be simple, and it may be small, but the feature that hit me first and greatest in IE8 was the address bar enhancements. This feature alone would have me upgrading: This feature alone has improved my efficientcy 🙂 I can find stuff again….   Technorati Tags: Misc 

Installing Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

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After I got my computer rebuilt (due to Problems with Team Explorer after installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 RTM) I did not reinstall IE8 Beta 1 as I knew that Beta 2 was soon to be available. Well, now it is: Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 for Windows XP Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta […]


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Well I finally got of by behind and set up a site for RDdotNET, its not special or clever, but it does let me host ClickOnce Applications like the TFS Sticky Buddy and give a single portal to my other tools. I only have TFS Sticky Buddy and TFS Event Handler up at the moment, […]

Kerberos problems

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I have been having a lot of Kerberos double hop problems on the network at work, and although I have not yet managed to fix them… I did find these useful pages: What Is Kerberos Authentication? – Good high level overview… Troubleshooting Kerberos Delegation – which I think I may find the most useful…   […]

Community Credit and GeeksWithBlogs up a tree…

It is fantastic news that GeeksWithBlogs.net and Community Credit have now both said their vows and are now fully integrated with each other. Awww, so cute. A long and happy integration to you both… Now all we need is a child component to select the CC category from Windows Live Writer 🙂   Technorati Tags: […]

Identity crisis

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I am having a look at Microsoft’s Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 as a solution to our disparate user identity problem. Some of the bigger companies out there have solved this problem, and in many of the smaller companies it just does not exist, but we have many system that hold meta data about our employees. […]