Upgrade to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service – Done

Jason Zander has just announced that the Visual Studio 11 & Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta will be available on the 29th February 2012. I am really looking forward to this launch as it embodies the phrase “spit & polish” and really lowers the bar for entry into the Team Foundation Server world. […]

Announcing Visual Studio 11 Beta will launch on February 29th

Its that time again where the Visual Studio and team Foundation Server teams are pushing out their next version of their tools, Visual Studio 11. Steven & Lori Borg teamed up to present a video on why you would want to Go-Live with Visual Studio 11. I used the Go-Live with many companies with the […]

Using Corporate ID’s with Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Service

It has been noted by a few that there is currently no way to corporately control Live ID’s and their use with Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Service. These folks are only partially right as there is a work around, which I use myself. I have had a custom Live ID for the last 10 […]

Introduction to Visual Studio 11

Over on the Northwest Cadence blog we are doing a big push on Visual Studio 11 (dev11) content.  I and my colleagues will be delivering content on Visual Studio 11,  Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server & Visual Studio Team Foundation Service (AKA TFS Preview). I have been concentrating on the hosted (azure) version of […]

TF200035 Sync error for identity with TFS 2010

I recently ran into an odd problem at a customer where the local computer accounts of a computer joined to a domain started showing the SID periodically. For those not in the know, this is BAD. WARNING: I did not find a solution to my problem, but this should server as a documentation of what […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Reporting & Process

The Process Template governs nearly all aspects of how the team interacts with Visual Studio and TFS (e.g., the structure and flow of work items). Whether a team has a well-established development process or needs to define one, proper template selection and practice are critical. Reports and dashboards (targeted to the selected team process) provide […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Architecture

How Visual Studio helps teams explore, understand, maintain, and uphold their project’s architecture. Introduction to some basic architecture & design concepts and common trouble spots for teams. This post is part of a series of Visual Studio ALM webcasts that were delivered through 2010 and 2011 as part of an introduction to Visual Studio ALM. […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Microsoft Test Manager

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), AKA Test Professional, is a new testing system that team can use to create manual and Automation test quickly. The real advantage and strength of MTM is the integration with TFS and Visual Studio 2010 and how it can leverage the ALM tools and practices. In the demo, we show: Explain […]

Visual Studio 2010 Overview – Code Management and Build

Branching Merging and Build are two parts of the overall software development cycle. In the Branching and Merging session, we cover industries standard approaches to branching and merging, the pros and Cons of the standard approaches, and how each strategy might fit your company needs. In the Build section we cover how to setup a […]