Installing Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server SP1

I have been trying since SP1 was released to get it installed at Aggreko, but due to our global, three time zones, development team and release schedules it has been very difficult to get some time set aside for it. Now that I am leaving, last day is Tuesday 17th November, there was more of […]

I hope you did not pay for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007

Coz its now free… Head over to the Microsoft Download site and get your copy: Well, no more problems trying to persuade the business to buy it for users 🙂   Technorati Tags: MOSS SP 2007 SharePoint 

Sharepoint 2007 and Silverlight

I have looked at this topic before but I just got my hands on a new Wrox book called “Professional Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 Development using Microsoft Silverlight 2”, phew, could that title be any longer! At only £16 pounds don’t expect a 1000 pager, but at just under 300 pages the content is good. It […]

Removing a dead Solution Deployment from MOSS 2007

If, like me, you tried to deploy a solution to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and it ether failed or hung you will need to remove it somehow. But once the status has moved to “deploying”, if you receive an error like this: Error: The web.config is invalid on this IIS Web Site: You […]

Hosted TFS, and cheap….from Phase2

I received a wee email from Kevin Doherty the CEO at Phase2. These guys host lots of useful things and the had obviously decided to host TFS as part of their offering. This is a really great site, I regularly send posts to our staff!  You may want to check our site [] for our […]

How-To: Display your Outlook calendar on you’re My Site

I thought I should explain how to enable the “My Calendar” web part on you’re my Site (homepage). Here is my “MySite”, as you can see I have a horrible picture, but if you check out the red rectangle you will see the “My Calendar” control has already been added to your site.   To […]

How-To: Allow other users to interact with workflow on your MySite

If you want to be able to use workflow on you’re my site that will allow you to assign tasks to your colleagues, then you need to take a couple of thing into consideration. The most important is to give any users assigned tasks access to the tasks list that you are using for your […]

SharePoint Solutions Rant

<Rant> There needs to be a way to easily build MOSS Solutions in Visual Studio. I know that there are a bunch of bits and pieces available form Microsoft and third parties, but I want an end to end solution.   You should be able to create a SharePoint “Solution” in Visual Studio. Then Add […]

Developing for SharePoint on your local computer

If you are wanting to developer solutions for SharePoint in Visual Studio 2008 then you need a couple of things to get started: You will need to install VSeWSS 1.1. Then follow the instructions on Martin Vollmer`s Blog  in his post on getting it installed without Sharepoint. And to get workflow working you […]