Why is Kanban such a popular approach for people in creative industries? 

Creativity, with its boundless landscape, where every spark of inspiration has the potential to morph into a magnum opus, often thrives in a state of organised chaos.   But when the whirlwind of creative brilliance threatens to scatter ideas like leaves in a storm, Kanban steps forward as the beacon of method in the madness. 🎨  […]

Professional Kanban Trainer for Applying Professional Kanban

The Scrum Guide only contains the minimum necessary to create an empirical process control system for managing risk. The new Kanban Guide reflects the minimum that you need to do to create a strategy for optimizing the flow of value through a visual, pull-based system. With the integration of the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams […]

Applying Professional Kanban (APK) Course with Certification

Embark on a continuous learning journey with our updated ‘Applying Professional Kanban’ course, now offered as an Immersion Training experience. This innovative format extends the learning over several weeks with concise, live sessions, blending real-world application with reflective practice for a truly effective learning journey. With incremental classroom learning, outcome-based assignments, and facilitated reflections, this […]

Introducing Kanban for Professional Scrum Teams

A few weeks ago I was in Boston to visit the Scrum.org offices and learn to teach the Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) training class co-taught by Steve Porter and Daniel Vacanti. This is a new Professional Scrum training course created by Ken Schwaber, Scrum.org, the Professional Scrum Trainer Community and Daniel Vacanti who helped […]

The Insufficiency of Scrum is a fallacy

The insufficiency of Scrum is a fallacy perpetrated by teams that don’t step up their practices in concert with their planning and don’t really want to make it work anyway. You can fail doing Kanban, XP or Merese and SSADM just as easily. The goal of Agile is to have you fail sooner and for it to cost less.

Coffee Talk: Scrum versus Kanban (re-match) … Thursday at High Noon!

Because of the phenomenal success of the Scrum versus Kanban session that Steven Borg an I did today, we plan on having a rematch to see if Kanban can make a comeback. Hopefully Steve1 can do a better job for Kanban this time… Updates 2011-07-29 – The Recording –  For those that attended the recording […]

Coffee Talk: Scrum versus Kanban

I am doing a free session this Friday with Steven Borg to help folks understand the differences between Scrum and Kanban and where each fit. This will be an introductory session and future sessions will be split with Steven Box doing the Kanban and me doing the Scrum sessions. Join me for this Free Webcast […]

Do you want to be an ALM Consultant?

Northwest Cadence is looking for our next great consultant! At Northwest Cadence, we have created a work environment that emphasizes excellence, integrity, and out-of-the-box thinking.  Our customers have high expectations (rightfully so) and we wouldn’t have it any other way!   Northwest Cadence has some of the most exciting customers I have ever worked with […]