How Does Your Consulting Experience Manifest in the Training Environment?

Synergy Between Consulting and Training Today’s topic question is my personal favourite: “How does my consulting experience manifest in the training environment?” For me, this is a subject that unearths the core of what effective training should be, and I’m excited to delve into it.  📚 Twin Pillars: Consulting and Training When I’m consulting and […]

Do you need an expert in Visual Studio ALM, TFS, or Scrum?

Due to the decimation of the oil prices one of my larger customers has had to cancel our engagement for February. I am suddenly and surprisingly available in February! I usually have engagements booked out up to 3 months in advance and that makes for some difficult conversations with potential customers that want me onsite […]

Traveling for work and the Dell Venue 8

Microsoft Windows

I travel a lot and I have been carting around both a Surface 2 Pro and a Surface 2 on my travels. I have been feeling recently that this was a little silly and I wanted to reduce my load and increase my flexibility. So just last week I purchased a Dell Venue 8.

ALM Consulting in Scotland, UK, Scandinavia & Europe

Naked ALM Consulting Logo

Well, that’s me started ALM Consulting in Scotland, UK & Europe as naked ALM Consulting – Martin Hinshelwood. As I write this I am on a train on my way to my first engagement in the north of England is what looks to be and awesome group of folks to talk a little Scrum and Team Foundation Build.