Does ‘starting with why’ – Simon Sinek – really matter? 

The Power of Purpose: How ‘Start with Why’ Drives Agile Success  In the world of Agile and Scrum, the concept of starting with ‘why’ is pivotal. Simon Sinek’s insightful exploration of this idea demonstrates its crucial role in motivating people and driving success.   But, what does it mean for an Agile team or a Scrum […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Lust 

Unravelling the Lust of Agile: Why There’s No Quick Fix in Transformation  In a world where rapid market evolution is the norm, many organisations find themselves facing the 70-year itch, desperately seeking a solution in Agile transformations.   But is this desire a mere infatuation, an Agile lust, if you will? 🤔   Let’s dive into why […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Gluttony 

Mastering Agility: Steering Clear of the Gluttony Trap in Agile and Scrum 🌟  In the Agile realm, ‘gluttony’ extends beyond mere overconsumption. It’s a metaphor for the excessive accumulation of backlogs and products, often paralysing the agility of teams. Introduction: The Perils of Gluttony in Agile Teams 🚫  This blog delves into how Agile teams […]

Quotes: Less is More. True or False? 

Embracing ‘Less is More’ in Agile: Maximising Value, Minimising Waste 🚀🌟  In the world of Agile and Kanban, the mantra ‘less is more’ isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a core principle that drives efficiency and value. The Agile Manifesto itself highlights the importance of maximising work not done, urging teams to focus on what […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Wrath

Addressing Wrath in Agile Teams: From Blame to Accountability 🌪️🛠️  In the dynamic world of Agile, wrath often lurks in the shadows, manifesting as an intolerance for mistakes and a culture of blame. This can severely impede the growth and innovation of teams. Understanding and addressing the sin of wrath in Agile environments is crucial […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Pride 

The Peril of Pride in Agile: A Cautionary Tale  Pride, in moderation, fuels our drive for quality and achievement. However, in the Agile world, there’s a thin line between healthy pride and its excessive, blinding counterpart.   This post navigates the treacherous waters of pride in Agile practices, offering insights into maintaining a balance between confidence […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Sloth 

Confronting the Sin of Sloth in Agile Practices: A Call for Honesty and Action  Sloth in Agile is not just about being lazy; it’s a deeper issue of failing to fulfil promises and commitments within Agile frameworks.  Understanding Sloth in Agile Environments 🐢  This lethargy can seep into various aspects of a team or organisation, […]

7 Deadly Sins of Agile: Greed 

Overcoming Greed in Agile: A Path to Value and Efficiency  In Agile environments, the concept of greed often manifests as an overwhelming focus on resource utilisation, overshadowing the core Agile principle of delivering value.  Introduction to Greed in Agile Environments 🚀  This misalignment can lead to a counterproductive work culture, where the emphasis on constant […]

Quotes: You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. Steve Jobs 

Steve Jobs and the Art of Connecting Dots in Agile Environments  In the dynamic realm of Agile practices, Steve Jobs’ profound assertion, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards,” resonates deeply. This philosophy underscores the importance of reflective learning in Agile methodologies.   By delving into this concept, we […]

7 deadly sins of Agile: Envy 

Steering Clear of Envy in Agile: A Roadmap for Authentic Success 🗺️✨  Agile practices are a journey of discovery and adaptation, unique to each team. The Allure and Pitfalls of Imitation in Agile 🎭   However, the temptation to imitate others, particularly models like the fabled Spotify approach, often leads teams down a misguided path.   While […]