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Falling of the TFS rehabilitation wagon…


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And here I though I was waving good buy to TFS in the short term, but here I am Installing it for Aggreko. My boss came to me a couple of days ago and asked for a Work Item Tracking system in SharePoint 2007. I did my best, but as the requirements got more complicated and the metrics that they wanted to report on exploded, I said that TFS was the answer…

This is not just a deployment of TFS for the purposes of tracking development projects. Nor is it only to be used for non-IT projects, but across the board of our companies project management. If I can prove that it will work 🙂

Some of the features that they have hinted at I know will not be there until Rosario is available, and other features will require some amount of customization, especially some of the fleet utilization capabilities we want to build in among other things.

In the short term we want to use as many of the out of the box functionality as possible, but major customizations are on the way… I will need to resurrect my TFS Event Handler for some of the things we have been discussing and implement the Windows Workflow functionality that I threatened to do before.

On that note, and to bring SharePoint 2007 properly into the mix…has anyone setup any Business Data Catalog stuff that points to SharePoint? Hmm, interesting…


And just when the cost of Team Suit was getting me down I got an email from my good friend Jon Pratt from Microsoft UK saying that he had a spare copy of TFS 2005 and Team Suit 2005 sitting on his desk and would I like it smile_wink Its funny how things work out…


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