How-To: Display your Outlook calendar on you’re My Site

I thought I should explain how to enable the “My Calendar” web part on you’re my Site (homepage). Here is my “MySite”, as you can see I have a horrible picture, but if you check out the red rectangle you will see the “My Calendar” control has already been added to your site.   To […]

How-To: Allow other users to interact with workflow on your MySite

If you want to be able to use workflow on you’re my site that will allow you to assign tasks to your colleagues, then you need to take a couple of thing into consideration. The most important is to give any users assigned tasks access to the tasks list that you are using for your […]

Branch madness!

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I know that I have not been posting in a while, and I hope to remedy that. I have been working on getting our internal team up to speed on using TFS as a full ALM tool and not just for source control. I am getting a lot of resistance on creating work items ( […]

TFS Usage Statistics

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Stats on out TFS Instance. Not much but growing. Users Recent users: 18 Users with assigned work items: 27 Version control users: 36 Work Items Work Items: 636 Areas & Iterations: 179 Work item versions: 5,642 Attached files: 46 Queries: 150 Version control Files: 96,904 Folders: 11,442 Total compressed file size: 1,008 MB Checkins: 15,491 […]