Avoid the Bug as Task anti-pattern in Azure DevOps

Avoiding the “Bug as a Task” anti-pattern in Azure DevOps is crucial for agile teams. The article by Martin Hinshelwood emphasizes that treating bugs as tasks can lead to a lack of transparency, promote low-quality work, and hinder planning predictability. Instead of hiding bugs, teams should prioritize and address them transparently, ensuring effective communication and collaboration. Treating bugs as backlog items forces teams to evaluate their creation and handling processes, ultimately leading to better agile practices. 🐛❌🔄📈🤝

Merge Team Projects into one in TFS

In TFS 2012 the product team introduced the concept of Teams into TFS. Before this many organisations created multiple Team Projects and now want to merge Team Projects into one, or at least fewer. There are many reasons you might have done this in the past but there is no reason to live with this.