NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome

I was in London last week to do a talk on why TFS no longer sucks entitled “Second Look, Team Foundation Server & VSO”. I had a tone of preparatory work to do too make the demos smooth. The great god Murphy was however not smiling, but he was not angry. Some errors occurred, but no blue screens. […]

Use corporate identities with existing VSO accounts

If you configure Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) you can use corporate identities with existing VSO accounts. Link to your internal domain and you can get a completely seamless Single-Sign-on from your local network to the cloud for Office 365, SharePoint Online, and now Visual Studio Online (VSO).

NDC London: Second Look, Team Foundation Server & VSO

While I have spoken at many events in the USA while I lived there, and even did a few keynotes for the Visual Studio 2012 launch, I have been trying to figure out the scene here in Europe. As such I submitted to a few events and got accepted to speak at NDC London. My […]

Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO

I have been working with a customer in London this week that is using TFS 2010 for work item tracking and Perforce for source control. Here is how I got on migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO.

How to delete work items from TFS or VSO

Have you ever created a bunch of work items that you decided later that you had to delete. Well I have… especially as a user of the TFS Integration Platform. And when things go wrong there they can really go wrong. Now while you can put stuff into the “removed” state it is still hanging […]

Getting a service account for VSO with TFS Service Credential Viewer

Have you tried to get a service account for Visual Studio Online (VSO)? Did you know that you can use the TFS Service Credential Viewer to get it. When you join a local or azure build server to your VSO account you are asked to log in with an account that is an administrator to […]

TFS Preview – Issue: TF400898 The underlying connection was closed

When you try to do a “Get” from TFS Preview you receive a “underlying connection was closed” and often a TF400898. Figure: The underlying connection was closed This may happen on one or more files with different files experiencing this problem for different users. Applies To Team Foundation Service (2012-7 only) Visual Studio 2012 RC […]