Installing TFS 2012 with Lab Management 2012

I have been onsite this week in California to deploy TFS 2012 and Lab Management for a company in the computer game industry. Because of limited time I am doing the full install in one day and thus will not be getting any of their builds or environments to work today. This is purely an […]

Installing TFS 2012 on Server 2012 with SQL 2012

I need a TFS environment to use for demos and what better time to do a full upgrade than when we get some nice prizes from Microsoft. Today the Release Candidate for both Windows and for Visual Studio was released to the public. You can download it off the public sites or you can use you MSDN account to get all of the goodies.

Unit Testing against the Team Foundation Server 2012 API

I have been working a lot recently with the new Team Foundation Service (TFS Preview) that Microsoft is providing in Azure. I was building an application called TFS Field Annotate that allows you to spelunk a fields changes. One of the problems I ran into is how to Unit Test this. I have been doing […]

You can’t stack rank hierarchical work items?

At the MVP Summit I was appalled by the number of people who asked questions about new features for supporting hierarchical tasks! I shared a disgusted look with Peter Provost and we had a quick (and I mean really quick) conversation that resulted in this post. it really comes down to one thing: You can’t […]

Visual Studio 11 Upgrade Health Check

With the launch of Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta and the Go-Live licencing model you can go into production now. But what if you are not quite ready? Figure: Go-Live with Visual Studio 11 with our help With the success of the Scrum Health Check we are expanding the family of Health Check […]

Installing Visual Studio 11 on Windows 7

With the launch of Visual Studio 11 beta and that it is fully supported in production I wanted to update my laptop with the bits. I have a presentation on Friday of what’s new in Visual Studio 11 and I will show some of the new features there. Figure: The new installer is clean There […]