Guidance – Branching for each Sprint

There are a lot of developers using version control these days, but a feature of version control called branching is very poorly understood and remains unused by most developers in favour of Labels. Most developers think that branching is hard and complicated. Its not! What is hard and complicated is a bad branching strategy. Just […]

Creating a Data Access layer using Unity

I am always pulling out the Unity assemblies. Maybe it is just because I am lazy, but I really can’t be bothered rolling my own dependency injection and mapping framework! I am going to use Unity only as a mapping frame work for now, I want to be able to pass an Interface into a […]

List all files changed under an Iteration

I was asked by a colleague to provide a list of all files that were changed under a particular iteration. Rather than delving into the data, I made a couple of API calls to TFS to output a text file with the list. This is probably not the most efficient method and it is hard […]