Team Foundation Server SharePoint Integration

Why is there not more integration found in Team Foundation Server “out-of-the-box” with SharePoint 2007. It seams obvious to me that you would want to show your Work Items in SharePoint and integrate SharePoint Workflow into Team Foundation Server. It only make sense to be able to initially create a SharePoint Work item that is a […]

Microsoft does indeed listen

When I posted my question “Would anyone be interested in Hosted TFS?” on linked in I was hopping for a response from potential users. I did not think that Jim Lamb would be reading it and blog about Microsoft’s internal ambition to have a hosted model for TFS. I have been quite excited about this […]

TFS Handover

I am just writing some handover documentation for our TFS deployment in the office. Thank goodness that I wrote installation and disaster recovery documents when I originally deployed the system, other wise this would have been a very long process. All I really need to do is reference those documents in a wrapper document that details […]

Application Owner

In my company it is the job of someone in business technology to manage production applications. Personally I think that this is a job for a Project Manager, not a developer, as it is about management and is not particularly technical. You do not actually have to carry out any of the work on the application, just: Manage […]

Team System Web Access finally released

Brian Harry has just announced the release of Team System Web Access the next incarnation of DevBiz’s TeamPlain product. I have just completed installing it on our development servers and I like it. It has much nicer features than TeamPlain 1.0 and is much more stable that 2.0RC. I still have the old long project name […]

Loosing the battle, but the war goes on

Well in my current war to get my company to use TFS, I am loosing the battle for Visual Studio Team System adoption. I have fought many battles, against Jira, Confluence and Subversion, but they are currently wining. I cant seam to get the Architecture & Strategy guys to get behind the project. They are […]

Sharepoint 3.0 TFS Sub-Site creation investigation result

Well my sub site investigation did not go too well! After consulting with blogs, forums and Microsoft the end result is that it will not work in an automated way. You can’t create a sub site to and existing site with Sharepoint without customizing the Sharepoint site creation process, which I am not going to […]

TFS Event Handler: Coverage & Comments

I am getting some positive feedback on the project from Richard Berg, and he had blogged about it under the title of New CodePlex project: TFS Event Handler. And John Lambert has commented on some issues that he has envisioned with referenced assemblies and security of allowing people to upload Assemblies. I would like to address both of […]

Team Server Event Handlers made easy…

Will, not really… I work for a rather large organization and I wanted an easy way for power users of team system to deploy event handlers for the Team Foundation Server events. Essentially they create an assembly with as many EventHandler classes as they like and they can upload their assembly through an administration system, […]