Team Foundation Server SharePoint Integration

Why is there not more integration found in Team Foundation Server “out-of-the-box” with SharePoint 2007. It seams obvious to me that you would want to show your Work Items in SharePoint […]

Microsoft does indeed listen

When I posted my question “Would anyone be interested in Hosted TFS?” on linked in I was hopping for a response from potential users. I did not think that Jim […]

TFS Handover

I am just writing some handover documentation for our TFS deployment in the office. Thank goodness that I wrote installation and disaster recovery documents when I originally deployed the system, […]

Application Owner

In my company it is the job of someone in business technology to manage production applications. Personally I think that this is a job for a Project Manager, not a developer, as it […]

Team System Web Access finally released

Brian Harry has just announced the release of Team System Web Access the next incarnation of DevBiz’s TeamPlain product. I have just completed installing it on our development servers and I […]

Loosing the battle, but the war goes on

Well in my current war to get my company to use TFS, I am loosing the battle for Visual Studio Team System adoption. I have fought many battles, against Jira, […]

TFS Event Handler: Coverage & Comments

I am getting some positive feedback on the project from Richard Berg, and he had blogged about it under the title of New CodePlex project: TFS Event Handler. And John Lambert has commented […]

Team Server Event Handlers made easy…

Will, not really… I work for a rather large organization and I wanted an easy way for power users of team system to deploy event handlers for the Team Foundation […]