Advice on using XamRibbon with Composite WPF

If, like me, you are interested in using all the new fangled controls produced by every man and his dog, you will probably have come across the Infragistics WPF control. […]

Composite WPF and Merged Dictionaries

If, like me, you like to have changeable resource files in your application. Wither it is for changing the Theme, or interchanging templates you will need to take special care […]

TFS Sticky Buddy v2.0

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I will be working on some new features to the Sticky Buddy application. Improvements in the interface, along with a more modular structure and more diagram offering are in the […]


I am having a little bit of fun with this application and I though I would share. it logs all of the applications that you are using and gives you […]

TFS Sticky Buddy Update

The Sticky Buddy has been updated to fix the following problems: Votes ID Title 2 2598 Application has stopped responding” when Logging into CodePlex and a Domain is not entered […]

Hosted Sticky Buddy

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I now have a nice hosted version of the TFS Sticky Buddy that is fairly fast and deploys using ClickOnce, but you do need to make sure that you already […]

Vote for your feature

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I am currently taking votes for which features will make it into the next version of the TFS Sticky Buddy (v1.1 CTP 1), which will move towards v2.0. The current […]

TFS Sticky Buddy v1.0

This is the first full release of the TFS Sticky Buddy application written in VB.NET 9 and WPF with Visual Studio 2008 Team Suit. The application provides a graphical view […]

End of another Sticky week…

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As you have probably noticed I have been soldiering on with the TFS Sticky Buddy project, and I though I would share. With the next release you will be able […]