TFS Integration Tools – Issue: TFS WIT bypass-rule submission is enabled

When you run the TFS Integration Platform for the first time with TFS WIT bypass-rule submission enabled you will likely get the following error: Figure: A Runtime Error Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Tfs2010WitAdapter.PermissionException: TFS WIT bypass-rule submission is enabled. However, the migration service account ‘TFSService’ is not in the Service Accounts Group on server ‘http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/msf_migrate’.    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Tfs2010WitAdapter.VersionSpecificUtils.CheckBypassRulePermission(TfsTeamProjectCollection tfs) […]

TFS Integration Tools–Issue: AnalysisProvider not found

When you are trying to load your custom Adapter you receive a message stating that it does not exist. Figure: AnalysisProvider 06a2457f-ebba-4979-bc5f-0f5006b8b4e6 not found Applies To TFS Integration Tools 2.2, March 2012 Finding If you check the logs you will see the same message as the popup: Application Error: 0 : [7/12/2012 2:41:32 PM] Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Toolkit.InitializationException: […]

One Team Project Collection to rule them all – Consolidating Team Projects

Following on from last weeks successful Upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 with VSS Migration and Process Template consolidation I finished off the last of the 20-30 Team Project Process Template migration/upgrades to a customised form on the Visual Studio Scrum 2.0. We only added a couple of fields, but we also defined a process […]

TFS Integration Tools – Issue: Access denied to Program Files

You get a Unauthorised Access Exception when the TFS Integration Platform tries to write a file to the ‘C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Team Foundation Server Integration Tools2768.txt’ folder. Figure: Access denied to Program Files? This is a runtime error that must be resolved to continue. Applies to TFS Integration Tools, version 2.2, March 2012 Finding We […]

Full-fidelity history and data migration are mutually exclusive

If you have ever had to migrate data from any system that contains lots of data and especially history then you will have run into this problem. Effectively you have two choices: Upgrade with full history, correct dates and uninterrupted reporting Migrate with tip/full history with truncated dates and no past reporting This is also […]