What should you do if your Sprint Review delivers harsh, scathing feedback? 

Navigating Harsh Feedback in Sprint Reviews – An Agile Approach🚀  In the Agile world, Sprint reviews are pivotal events where feedback can be a gold mine… or a minefield.   What happens when this feedback is not just critical but harsh or non-existent?   How should Agile teams, especially Product Owners and Scrum Masters, navigate this challenging […]

Who should lead the Sprint Review? Why? How? 

Leading the Sprint Review – A Strategic Roadmap for Agile Success 🚀  In the ever-evolving world of Agile project management, the Sprint review emerges as a critical juncture, pivotal to the success and direction of your project. It’s a moment to pause, reflect, and recalibrate, ensuring that every effort aligns seamlessly with the overarching goals.   […]

What should be top of mind when a Scrum team prepare for a Sprint review? 

Unleashing the Power of Stakeholder Engagement in Sprint Reviews 💡🔍  In the Agile landscape, effective stakeholder engagement during Sprint reviews can be a defining factor for success.   Let’s explore how to transform these interactions into impactful opportunities.  The Essential Element of Effective Sprint Reviews 🌟  Stakeholder engagement is not just an add-on but a critical […]

Free Workshop 04: Introduction to Sprint Reviews [Review & Retrospective]

This workshop was delivered on 16th September 2021 and focused on introducing the core concepts of the Sprint Review and its empirical nature. I used a combination of Liberating Structures, Microsoft Teams, and Mural to deliver an interactive session. This session went really well however we had some technical issues on the live stream! Participant […]

The fallacy of the rejected backlog item

To my understanding there is a frustrating misunderstanding of reality when one thinks that the Product Owner can reject a single story at the Sprint Review. This is the fallacy of the rejected backlog item.

How do you make a good Forecast?

As part of the Scrum.org webinar “Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Martin Hinshelwood – Answering Your Most Pressing Scrum Questions” I was asked a number of questions. Since not only was I on the spot and live, I thought that I should answer each question that was asked again here, as well as those […]