SSW Brain Quest: Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010 (London)

If you are unable to commit to the 5 day Professional Scrum Developer course we are holding in London, Adam Cogan is running his famous Brain Quest 1 day session on Wednesday 21st July. This full day training course brings developers up-to-speed on the new features and benefits of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Team Foundation […]

Upgrading Team Foundation Server 2008 to 2010

I am sure you will have seen my posts on upgrading our internal Team Foundation Server from TFS2008 to TFS2010 Beta 2, RC and RTM, but what about a fresh upgrade of TFS2008 to TFS2010 using the RTM version of TFS. One of our clients is taking the plunge with TFS2010, so I have the […]

Even Scrum should have detailed Task descriptions

When you create tasks in Scrum you are doing this within a time box and you tend to add only the information you need to remember what the task is. And the entire Team was at the meeting and were involved in the discussions around the task, so why do you need more? Once you […]

Combining Scrum, TFS2010 and Email to keep everyone in the loop

Often you will receive rich information from your Product Owner (Customer) about tasks. That information can be in the form of Word documents, HTML Emails and Pictures, but you generally receive them in the context of an Email. You need to keep these so your Team can refer to it later, and so you can […]

Guidance: A Branching strategy for Scrum Teams

Having a good branching strategy will save your bacon, or at least your code. Be careful when deviating from your branching strategy because if you do, you may be worse off than when you started! This is one possible branching strategy for Scrum teams and I will not be going in depth with Scrum but […]

Do you know when to send a done email in Scrum?

At SSW we have always sent done emails to the owner/requestor to let them know that it is done. Others who are dependent on that tasks are CC’ed so they know they can proceed. But how does that fit into Scrum?   Update 14th April 2010 Rule added to Rules to better Scrum with TFS […]

Do you have a contract between the Product Owner and the Team?

Working in Scrum it is useful to define a Sprint Contract between the Product Owner (PO) and the implementation Team. Doing this helps to improve common understanding in, and sometimes to enforce, the relationship between the PO and the Team. Update 14th April 2010 Rule added to Rules to better Scrum with TFS This is […]

Upgrading from TFS 2010 RC to TFS 2010 RTM done

Today is the big day, with the Launch of Visual Studio 2010 already done in Asia, and rolling around the world towards us, we are getting ready for the RTM. We have had TFS 2010 Beta 2 and RC in Production for nearly 6 months and have had only joy, so moving to the RTM […]