VSTS Sync Migration Tool Update and Bugfix

The VSTS Sync Migration tools have been updated with new features and bug fixes for common issues reported by users. For those that are using TFS and VSTS since the demise of the TFS Integration Tools there has been a gap that has only been filled by commercial tools. For a while I have been […]

VSTS Sync Migration Tools

VSTS Sync Migration Tools allow you to bulk edit data in TFS & VSTS. You can bulk edit work items in place, or even migrate Teams, Backlogs, Tasks, Test Cases, and Plans & Suits to a new TFS or VSTS project.

Migrating from Codeplex to Github

Since Github is the place to keep your Open Source code I thought that I would migrate some of my CodePlex repos to GitHub. However it is a little more difficult than it looks on the surface.

Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO

I have been working with a customer in London this week that is using TFS 2010 for work item tracking and Perforce for source control. Here is how I got on migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO.

Merge Team Projects into one in TFS

In TFS 2012 the product team introduced the concept of Teams into TFS. Before this many organisations created multiple Team Projects and now want to merge Team Projects into one, or at least fewer. There are many reasons you might have done this in the past but there is no reason to live with this.

Configuring Jenkins to talk to TFS 2013

I am working quite a lot with some Java teams at the moment who are using SVN and Jenkins. We are moving them over to TFS and TF Build and we wanted to make sure that we were minimally disruptive to first I need to configuring Jenkins to talk to TFS 2013.

Migrating to office 365 from Google Mail

A few months ago I decided to make use of Office 365 but I have run into a bunch of roadblocks. It seams that Office 365 and Google Mail are not the best of friends. They seam to be in a state of cold war.

ALM Consulting in Scotland, UK, Scandinavia & Europe

Naked ALM Consulting Logo

Well, that’s me started ALM Consulting in Scotland, UK & Europe as naked ALM Consulting – Martin Hinshelwood. As I write this I am on a train on my way to my first engagement in the north of England is what looks to be and awesome group of folks to talk a little Scrum and Team Foundation Build.