SkyDrive: 25 GB of free online storage

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Some of the new Windows Live Wave 3 services have gone live over the last couple of days. One of the best IMO is the SkyDrive services, updated to 25GB and with complete integration with other services like Photo Share, Connect to people… You can connect to your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts as well 🙂 […]

Windows Live ID and OpenID

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It seams that Microsoft is making an attempt to integrate with OpenID. With the announcement that “Windows Live ID commits to support of OpenID” I thought a little investigation would be in order. You need to setup a new Live ID on the Live-INT service, you can use any email, but make sure that you […]

The great Xbox update

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new Xbox live experience that will be going Live tomorrow! Hopefully we are passed the days of the ring of death from the update, unless you have a hacked box 🙂 Although I am not really interested in the Avatar piece, I think it will be well […]

Windows Live Wave 3

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With the new Windows Live Wave 3 betas now available I am looking forward to many of the features I have already previewed in the beta of Windows Live Messenger 9. These are the English installs, but other languages are available. Web or partial install: Full local install(recommended if you are behind a firewall): […]

Xbox Live to Twitter Update (v0.2.3)

I have updated the Xbox Live to Twitter application and it works quite well now. There are currently too many updates as you can see from my twitter on the left of my blog . I will hopefully be adding some more customisation functionality to allow “only online” or “only title” changes to propagate. I […]

Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Hmm!

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I submitted a trouble ticket about my previous post on and got a prompt reply from Microsoft support giving me some directions for cleaning up beta bits of my system, and a URL for a direct download: Windows Live Writer 2008: Now, this looks good. But when you try to download it you […]

Windows Live Writer Beta 3

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Well, a new version of WLW, Windows Live Writer Beta 3, is available. Its just a pity that I can’t install it. Why do Microsoft insist on writing these bundle application for installing many products at once? I can see the point for home users, but at work you always get something blocked. They should […]

Xbox 360 Elite

Wohoo, I traded my sometimes crashing Xbox 360 in for an Xbox 360 Elite in Saturday. Over the last two weeks I have been playing Bioshock to death, but the crashing finaly anoyed me enough to get it sorted. I could either have sent my Xbox away to Microsoft to fix for £150 (no ring […]

Search just got better

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I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor. What made me gawk! Tafiti that’s what. Tafiti is a new search front end from Microsoft, it is still in beta, but what a beta. I think you would need a reasonably good computer to run it, but from a dyslexic persons point of view […]

Windows Live SkyDrive Beta

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I was reading Mike Tautly’s post on SkyDrive so I thought I should have a look. I found it extremely easy to use and solves the problem of my blog not supporting file uploads. I have a link to my SkyDrive on the left of my blog and I have uploaded my first public file, […]